I am a native of Nevada. I have lived 60 years in this little piece of heaven we call the Great Basin. I have always loved the beauty of the wide open spaces and our version of “Big Sky” country, but what really fascinates me is the “little” spaces; the small springs and oasis areas that define our nature. The areas that feed and water our wild animals and the areas that provide shade for a nap! This “little space” is near Fallon, Nevada. It is a small part of the Newlands Irrigation Project that brought water to the desert. The program also brought flora and fauna to the barren land as well. Taken in the fall this image is after a small early winter snow that caught the Cottonwood trees with their leaves still on. A warm ground fog set up as the storm cleared and the sun started to warm the land. Shot with a Canon 5dmk3 and a 24×70 lens. Tripod mounted and a 1/120 Sec shutter.

Dennis Doyle(1)

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