Most Nevadans didn’t start out in Nevada – my mother and dad moved to Nevada with their 3 sons in the 1950’s to get away from the snarl that Southern California was becoming.  They settled in northern Nevada because it reminded them of their own home state of Colorado, and ultimately became the owners and operators of the Holiday Hotel in Reno. Their decision to settle in Nevada set the course for each of their 3 sons’ lives. My oldest brother is now a Federal District Court Judge in Nevada, I’ve been practicing gaming law for over 40 years, and my youngest brother was involved in the gaming industry for many years.

The smartest thing I ever did, and the luckiest too, was to marry Suzette Swanson, the prettiest girl in the Wooster HS Class of ’65. Since then, we’ve had two wonderful children, son Josh and daughter Marissa, both of whom have married into other great Nevada families. And, now, we have 5 beautiful grandchildren – Nevada’s future.  Perhaps 50 years hence when Nevada is celebrating its Bicentennial, they will find this story and its picture in the archives.  I sure hope so. Home means Nevada to all of us.