In the heat of battle and someone calls “Mail Call.” I received from my brother a Nevada Highway magazine, the year 1964 which was Nevada’s 100 birthday. I’m sitting here now and looking at that same magazine. It is a little worn from me reading it and wishing I was home. I have carried that publication with me for the last 50 years.

What was in it? Information about Mason and Smith Valley, which told about the farming and cattle raising. On the first page inside is a picture of the Valley Dairy processing plant. I lived in San Diego many years ago and I was in an antique store and there was a Valley Dairy milk bottle sitting there wanting to go home with someone who knew the story of the dairy. I bought it, and I do still have it. They had a picture of the old Ranger Station, which is still there but now is a private residence. My oldest brother moved up here from the Bay Area and lived in the old Ranger Station for several years. There are pictures of Dayton, Fernley, Lyon County Court House, Fort Churchill, Silver City and one that brought back a memory, the Grade School Building in Yerington, I went to school there. There were pictures of Wilson Canyon and the Walker River. I caught my first fish in Wilson Canyon at the ripe old age of ten. The second half of the magazine is about mining in Pioche.

After I got out of the service I was in San Diego, 32 years, but there was never a day go by that I told myself, “I’m going back to Nevada.” And I did. I have been back for over 20 years now. I still love it here. That magazine and three dogs ashes will be mixed with mine and we will be spread at Fletcher in Mineral County.