Name: Alexis Humphrey
School: St. Teresa of Avila Catholic School

In my opinion, the most significant thing that Nevada has done since becoming a state in

1864 is the continuation of the mining industry.  Mining is what brought people here to this state.  As population grew, President Abraham Lincoln declared Nevada as a state on October 31, 1864.

Not only does Nevada produce gold and silver, but it also produces lead, copper, zinc, mercury, tungsten and iron.  With all of this mining, more and more people started to come here.  This created other industries like agriculture, gaming and tourism.

All of the minerals that are mined in Nevada are used to make things we use everyday. The gold that is mined is one of the largest sources of gold in the world.  It is used in dentistry and medicine and used to make jewelry, electronics and coins. Silver is used for photography, jewelry, dental and medical equipment and many other things.  Lead is used for batteries, TVs, gasoline and ammunition. There are many other everyday things that are made from the minerals that are mined in Nevada.

All of the mining that is done in the state of Nevada had helped to create many jobs besides mining, which helps the economy.