Alex Frazier, 5th Grade, The Meadows School

All for Our Country

Nevada’s old motto “Willing and Able” was officially replaced on February 24, 1866 by the new motto “All for Our Country.” The motto “All for Our Country” means that Nevada would give all its allegiance to the United States of America, which means we will give all our devotion to our country. Nevada became the thirty-sixth state to show support and loyalty to the Union and President Lincoln during the Civil War. Many people think that Nevada’s State motto is “Battle Born” because it is on our state flag. My family and I help to better our community by serving food to the homeless people at Catholic Charity. My sister did a book drive for Spread the Word this past summer and I helped count and organize the books collected. Last year for my eleventh birthday, I had a tennis party and I asked my guests to donate money to Marty Hennessey Junior Tennis Foundation instead of birthday presents. The Foundation uses the donations to help boys and girls with their tennis training and their travel costs. Another way, I donate my time is to be a buddy with a disabled person and help them play baseball at the Miracle League. Nevada’s state mottos “All for Our Country” and “Battle Born” encourage me to continue to improve my community with donations or by volunteering my time.